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  • The agency was established in 1996.
  • We provide comprehensive Public Relations services, particularly Media Relations and Special Events services.
  • We are a founding member of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA) and we are currently the only member based outside Prague.
  • We hold a certificate for quality management and service provision in ICCO Public Relations in accordance with international CMS (Consultancy Management Standard).
  • We respect all professional codices, including the ethical standards defined in the Stockholm Charter.
  • We work for clients in Bohemia and Moravia, as well as for international companies.


  • 2006 for the project “Car First Aid Kit HARTMANN-RICO”
  • 2009 for the project “Marking of Tourist Routes for Wheelchair Users”
  • 2010 for the project “Eye Yoga with Oxyal”
  • 2011 for the project “ADHD Information Campaign – a Bad Child May Have ADHD” (link)
  • 2012 – 1st place for the project Domov pro mne + 3rd place for the project “Guerrilla in the Streets” for IKEA + Special Award in the category Scoop – "Reopening of IKEA Černý Most in Prague" and entry in the Czech Book of Records
  • 2013 – a Special Award for the project “Common House Martins in Eden” in the category Industry


  • Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is one of the largest land-based predators.
  • It can stay underwater for a long time and walk on very thin ice (source: National Geographic). It is a Czech name and we specialise in the Czech market. We are not a part of a global network.
  • It is a great long-drink.

One wrong translation in a movie affected more bartenders in the Czech Republic than it would seem. Because of the Big Lebowski movie, you often receive a glass full of cream with kahlúa and vodka at the bottom if you order a Polar Bear. In the Big Lebowski movie, the White Russian was translated as a Polar Bear, although it is a completely different drink.

For a proper Polar Bear, you just need a glass of delicious sect topped up with 4 dl of vodka. For even greater pleasure, we recommend touching the top of the glass with lemon juice and covering it with sugar.

Just try it!


“The difference between good and great is a little extra effort.” Bill Newman
Leave that little effort to us...